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When Do Pests Start to Become Active Again?

December 03, 2021 Pest Control

During the colder months, most pests become dormant or go into hibernation. This is common for bugs and rodents, as they cannot remain active in frigid temperatures. These pests become active again during the spring and summer when the weather becomes warmer and food sources become fertile again. No matter where you live, you are […]

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Are Termites Still Active During the Winter?

November 05, 2021 Pest Control

Lots of people experience termite issues during warm seasons – but does that mean termites become inactive during cold months? Termites are active all year long, but they behave differently when the weather changes. Keep reading to find out how termites behave during cold months and if you need to worry about a termite infestation during the […]

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Does Cooler Weather Kill All Pests?

As the cold months approach, you may be hoping that the weather will naturally take care of your pest problems. While mother nature does handle these issues to some extent, there’s no easy answer to the question of whether or not cooler weather kills all pests. The short answer is— it depends. Some pests, like rats and […]

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How Often Should You Get a Pest Inspection?

September 03, 2021 Pest Control

As a homeowner, you want to take all the necessary steps to keep your home safe from pests. This includes cleaning up clutter and messes, fixing holes and cracks that can allow something to get inside and dutifully keeping an eye out for any signs of an infestation. These are all important and helpful steps, but […]

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Ways to Keep Mosquitoes from Ruining Your Summer Nights

Mosquitoes can ruin your summer nights outside and their bites can ruin your sleep with all the itching. The good news is you can take action and protect yourself with these ways to keep them away! Basic Home Defense You may have heard before that the best offense is a good defense, and the same is […]

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