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When Do Pests Start to Become Active Again?

December 03, 2021 Pest Control

During the colder months, most pests become dormant or go into hibernation. This is common for bugs and rodents, as they cannot remain active in frigid temperatures. These pests become active again during the spring and summer when the weather becomes warmer and food sources become fertile again. No matter where you live, you are most likely to experience an increase in pest activity when the weather becomes warmer.


Bugs like ants, bed bugs, roaches, flies and bees are all more active during spring and summertime. You will always see more of these pests when the weather warms up. During the winter, many of these bugs die or go into hibernation.


Rodents like mice, rats, and rabbits often cannot survive during cold months. However, in this case, you may experience more rodents in or around your home when the weather becomes cold because these pests want to survive inside your home. During warm months, you will probably see rodents outside, but they won’t be attempting to live inside your home. 

Squirrels are rodents as well, but these critters can survive during both warm and cold months. Their fur keeps them very insulated, and they can be active outside during cold temperatures. Squirrels most likely are not going to try to get into your home, but they will make nests in your yard. Squirrels also store nuts and other food deep in the ground, and they use your yard to store this food for months. This typically isn’t a big deal, because squirrels won’t cause any harm and they won’t bother you or your pets.


If you notice a ton of pests in your yard or your home, you should call a professional exterminator right away. If you wait too long, some of these pests can be difficult to get rid of. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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