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Does Cooler Weather Kill All Pests?

As the cold months approach, you may be hoping that the weather will naturally take care of your pest problems. While mother nature does handle these issues to some extent, there’s no easy answer to the question of whether or not cooler weather kills all pests. The short answer is— it depends. Some pests, like rats and mice, can die simply from being too cold. Others, like fleas, ticks and other insects, don’t give up nearly as easily.

Do Pests Survive the Cold?

Some insects have the obnoxious ability to create a sort of natural, internal barrier between themselves and the elements. This means that if the weather gets cold and stays that way, they may burrow to shield themselves and withstand it. If the weather switches from freezing to melting and back to freezing, the fluctuations in temperature will rupture their systems and kill them eventually.

 The good news is that not all insects can survive the cold. If temperatures get extremely low and drop to below zero, many individual insects perish. It may not take that intense cold to get the job done, but if temperatures around you are dropping to that rate, it’s safe to say that those pesky critters are dying off.

I Don’t See Any Pests Around My House – Does That Mean I’m Safe?

Keep in mind that eggs can survive colder temperatures and live to hatch in the Spring. Insects will lay eggs in the soil, rotting wood and other substances to make sure that their broods can make it to the warmer seasons. Even if it kills them, some pests will feed their larvae whatever they can to ensure their survival. This means that when March comes around, a new generation of pests will be born and will begin their attempts to invade your home.

 If you have issues with pests like bees or ants, remember that these creatures live in colonies and work together to stay alive. Ants remain underground and seal off the entrances to their nests over the winter— they thrive off of their stored energy supplies. Bees stay in their hives and huddle together to keep themselves and the queen warm at all costs. If you notice a lack of ants or bees over the winter, remember that they’re not dead, they’re just hiding!

Regardless of the weather, it’s important to keep your home protected from infestations. Despite outside factors, insects and rodents have a knack for finding ways to make it through till Springtime. That’s why it’s important to be prepared! If you’re looking to keep your home safe from pests in the upcoming seasons, be sure to contact Abarb Pest Services today and learn more about how we can help you!

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