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Living Pest & Bug Free is all about your comfort and peace of mind.


ABARB Pest Services is a family-owned business with 40+ years of experience. Abarb employs its own workforce to ensure that our rigid quality standards are met. Our technicians, are continually challenged to provide the most effective, most efficient methods of pest management. The longevity of our service provides you with consistency, expertise and quality unparalleled by our competitors.

  • All our technicians are NJ-State DEP certified and are required to attend continuing programs on technical topics, ensuring the highest standards of service for our customers.
  • Abarb has the industries foremost authority, Dr. Douglas Mama, as our entomologist.
  • Convenient scheduling and billing. (Visa & Mastercard accepted)

Abarb Pest Services is committed to the industry and is a very active member of the New Jersey Pest Management Association as well as the National Pest Management Association. Being active in these associations ensures that we stay up-to-date on the latest advances in pest management.

Abarb's technicians are well-trained, licensed professionals with years of experience. They receive regular ongoing training for state certification. Our company has very little turnover which ensures that our high standards of service remain consistent.

If high quality pest control and exterminator service is what you are searching for, look no further. Whether you are an individual or a large business, we have solutions to fit your needs.

Our Services Include but are not limited to:

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At Abarb Pest Services, you are much more than just a customer to deal with. We want a long-lasting friendship and relationship with our customers. That's why we will make sure you have a dedicated technician whenever possible that is familiar with your home and property - aware of the common problems and bugs that others may be having in your neighborhood. As a locally owned company we take great pride in our family, friends, customers, and the community we serve. That's why we have been successful in the East New Jersey area now for more than 37 years. If you ever have a problem or question we are right here at (973) 839-6228.

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When you make the choice to choose us as your pest control company and exterminator, you can save up to $50.00 off of your annual home protection program. Take a look at our various programs and call us today to find out what you can save by choosing Abarb Pest Services. East New Jersey's Best Pest Control & Exterminators

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