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Are Termites Still Active During the Winter?

November 05, 2021 Pest Control

Lots of people experience termite issues during warm seasons – but does that mean termites become inactive during cold months? Termites are active all year long, but they behave differently when the weather changes. Keep reading to find out how termites behave during cold months and if you need to worry about a termite infestation during the winter.

Termites Dig Deep During Cold Weather

Termites will bury themselves deep into the ground during cold months in order to find the warmth they need to survive. They will build little tunnels that connect them to a food source, as they will abandon any food source that is exposed to the cold during this time. While they will remain active during the winter, they won’t be as active as they typically are during warmer months. They usually will not have access to enough food to be very active.

Heated Locations

During the winter, termites will be most attracted to heated buildings and the soil surrounding them. They will always make tunnels as close as possible to these heated locations so they can survive during the cold.

Egg Production

During most of the year, queen termites lay eggs at a steady pace. For queens who live in warm temperatures throughout the year, egg production will not stop. For queens who live in cooler climates, egg production can come to a halt altogether if the temperature is too cold. The queens will dictate this issue and regulate egg production as they see fit.

Termite Infestations

It is still possible to find termites inside your home during cold months. Subterranean and dry wood termites that have found shelter and food in your home’s foundation and walls will not be as affected by cold outdoor temperatures. It is unlikely that you will have swarming termites during winter months, unless you live in a tropical area. Signs of termites during winter include mud tubes, damaged wood and termite droppings.

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