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Prepare your yard for your July 4th BBQ

Patriotic residents throughout New York and New Jersey are gearing up for their yearly Independence Day celebrations, and that usually includes the gathering of friends and family for a full day of fun. If you’re like most Americans, then you’re probably looking forward to a backyard barbecue, a little pool time and an evening that […]

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Preventing Ants From Joining Your Memorial Day BBQ

Before we uninvite family Formicidae, we might want to give a quick nod to the important role ants play on our planet. They do: – Create topsoil by breaking down, consuming and transporting organic material.– Prey on other insect pests, such as termites, for example.– Serve as a food source for other creatures, from insects, […]

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How To Fool Roaches Into A Trap

Nearly every person has seen a cockroach scurry across a kitchen or bathroom. These pests are more than unsightly. They also pose health risks. Cockroaches feed off of bacteria-ridden foods and waste, which means that they spread bacteria on surfaces. One of the best ways to eliminate them is with bait. What Is Roach Baiting? […]

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Why Termite Baiting Works

Subterranean termites are attracted to the humid climate in New York and New Jersey, and they live in moist soil while being in close proximity to their food source, preferably decaying wood. This means there’s a possibility that termites are under your home or commercial building this very minute. Termites create branching tunnels from their […]

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Why Customers Choose Abarb

Why Customers Choose Abarb Abarb Pest Services provides exceptional service plans to the businesses and residents of New Jersey. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced in pest control, and our service plans are designed to help you eliminate the most persistent pest problems. We offer complete solutions for pest control within the home and […]

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