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Moving to a New Apartment? Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite.

Getting your own place, or simply making yourself home in a new one is often an exciting accomplishment. Getting to know the neighbors, checking out local businesses, and redecorating, as fun as they are, can really tire you out. Of course, you’re going to want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep as […]

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Naturally Protect Your Home with Termite Control Techniques

A termite infestation can severely damage your home and property. In order to avoid the negative effects of a termite infestation, all homes (particularly those in areas with a higher risk of termite infestation) should receive regular termiticide spray services form a professional company. This small investment in termite control can save you thousands of […]

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One Ant Control Tip that You Shouldn’t Overlook

During localized flooding brought on by Hurricane Joaquin during October of 2015, a reporter out covering the weather almost stepped on what he thought was a pile of mud but turned out to be an “island” of fire ants floating along the surface of flood waters. Although fire ants are found across much of North America, not everyone is […]

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The Worst Bedbug Cities in the Country

Bedbugs are a wide-spread problem throughout the nation, one that seemingly attacks every major city. In fact, bedbugs thrive in big cities: it’s easier for them to spread from bed to bed if there are more people on which they can hitch a ride. The following cities are some of the worst when it comes […]

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Are Termites a Biting Risk?

Everyone knows that termites destroy wood, but many people worry that termites may actually bite or sting their friends, family, or pets. Do termites pose any kind of biting risk to people or are you relatively safe? Generally speaking, termites don’t bite humans. Worker and queen termites have very weak jaws that pose no danger […]

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