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Why Termite Baiting Works

Subterranean termites are attracted to the humid climate in New York and New Jersey, and they live in moist soil while being in close proximity to their food source, preferably decaying wood. This means there’s a possibility that termites are under your home or commercial building this very minute.

Termites create branching tunnels from their colony in search of new food sources, so they’ll quickly spread if their presence goes unnoticed. This can lead to major pest control work, such as fumigation and termiticide treatments under the slab foundation or crawl space. Whatever the extent of your termite infestation, though, you may find that the best way for exterminating termites is baiting.

Benefits of Termite Baiting

Termite baiting is simple: a pest control expert will bring food, such as cardboard, paper, leaves, or tree roots, that’s laced with a slow-acting poison and lay it at strategic points on your property. Whenever possible, the bait is laid near mud tubes, which are the tunnels that termites make. The termites that surface will consume this bait or take it back to their colony, eventually killing the whole swarm.

Besides treating the termites at their source, baiting is good because it satisfies the termites’ hunger and, for the several months that it will take to exterminate them all, keeps them from having to invade your wood structures.

Baiting comes in above-ground and below-ground options. A pest control professional can install below-ground bait stations around your yard and visit your property at regular intervals to monitor the progress. Whichever option you choose, these bait stations are hardly conspicuous and won’t disturb your flowerbeds too much. You won’t even have to touch them.

Baiting is preferable over termiticide sprays for several reasons. One reason is that the spray, which creates a barrier, must be applied uniformly and across the entire perimeter of your home. You’ll have to pay for hundreds of gallons of termiticides, and even a sliver of untreated soil can serve as an entry point for future termites. Another reason is that the spray treatment will require the floors and walls to be drilled into, causing a mess and increasing costs.

Termite Baiting from Abarb Pest Services

It’s important to remember that baiting is for subterranean termites, not drywood termites. If you’ve spotted the subterranean type in your home or business, you can trust Abarb Pest Services for baiting. We use well-known systems like the Sentricon® system. Our results come with a Termite Certification, which is transferable in the event that you sell your home. It all begins with a free estimate, so contact us today.

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