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Why Customers Choose Abarb

February 06, 2017 Pest Control
Why Customers Choose Abarb

Abarb Pest Services provides exceptional service plans to the businesses and residents of New Jersey. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced in pest control, and our service plans are designed to help you eliminate the most persistent pest problems. We offer complete solutions for pest control within the home and around the periphery as well. Our customers choose Abarb because of our commitment to service, quality and efficiency. Select the best plan for your particular needs by reviewing our preventative services, installation solutions, monitoring and perimeter treatment options.

Residential Service Plans

Our residential service packages facilitate the comfort and safety of your home environment. Protect the health and well-being of your family members by ensuring that your home is pest-free all year long. The residential service plans begin with an analysis of your home environment. This process involves determining the most likely points of entry where pests can enter the home. It also uses advanced methods of detection to determine if there are common pests infesting the walls, attic, basement or garage of your home. Once our service professionals locate the signs of a pest infestation, they will accurately identify the pests in order to create an appropriate plan of action.

The action plan will be developed according to the particular pest that is infesting your home. For example, the signs of termites often include the deterioration of portions of the wood as well as droppings and trails that they leave behind. Eliminating these pests can improve the health of any pets you have because they are likely to come in contact with the surface of materials that have been contaminated by the pests. In addition, we also offer treatment plans to deal with the area around the home, which reduces the likelihood of a pest infestation occurring within the home. Preventative measures can save you time and money, and they address the most common problems associated with pest control.

Commercial Service Plans

Our service plans for businesses are scaled to the level of your facility. We perform inspections, treatment protocols and ongoing monitoring of each situation to ensure that your building remains within the compliance of the relevant laws. Our professional pest-control experts use EPA-approved pesticides that work within the standards of the best practices in this industry. We use a variety of techniques to identify and eliminate various types of pests from your property. This process allows you to provide a safe and clean working environment for your employees and customers.

After the treatment protocol is completed, we will follow-up in order to ensure that there are no recurring outbreaks of pests at the site. The monitoring protocol we use will detect early signs of additional infestations so that you can take appropriate action as needed. In addition to these services, we can also provide you with detailed information in a formal meeting with all of the relevant participants. At this point, we can make recommendations that follow your internal requirements. Contact our representatives as soon as possible for details.

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