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When to Call for Professional Pest Control

If you’re a homeowner, then it is very likely that you have encountered unwanted visitors in your home. Even if you haven’t seen evidence of pest activity, you may still have pests hiding within your walls, floors, basement or attic. Ants, termites, spiders, mice and other pests will find their way into your comfortable home at one time or another, so it is wise to be prepared. There are many do-it-yourself ways to get rid of pests, but what if the problem gets out of hand? Here are four situations in which you need to call professional pest control.

1. If You Have Termites

Termites are wood-boring insects that can literally eat away at your home’s structure. Termite damage can become extremely dangerous as the structure will become compromised and unsafe. As a result, potentially tens of thousands of dollars of repairs will be necessary. If you see any signs of termites, (such as mud tubes in wooden beams, small piles of wings or signs of peeling or cracked wood) then you should immediately contact a professional pest company to assess the damage and begin any necessary treatment.

2. If You Have Cockroaches

These pests are particularly hard to get rid of without the help of professional exterminators. They easily enter into your home through pipes, under doorways or windows and through your basement. They move into your home looking for a new food source or looking for warmth. Not only will they take over your home, but they have the potential to make you sick as they spread harmful bacteria and can even trigger asthma attacks. Cockroach activity must be dealt with quickly and professionally to ensure your family’s health and well-being.

3. If You Have Children and Pets

You may be aware of the signs of harmful pest activity, but that doesn’t mean that your children and pets are also aware. Even pests that do not bite or sting can lay eggs in areas where your family eats, plays or sleeps. Keep your family safe by calling a pest professional if you suspect serious pest activity.

4. If You Have Recurring Pest Activity

Perhaps you have tried to take care of exterminating the pests on your own, or you have already had a professional conduct treatment. Yet, you continue to see signs of pest activity. Although this is not uncommon even after having received treatments, you should alert the exterminator of any activity. This way, the professional will be able to determine what other treatments may be necessary.

If you are currently experiencing pest activity don’t hesitate to contact Abarb Pest Services to help keep your home safe and pest free.

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