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Ways to Protect Your Backyard from Pests

September 04, 2020 Pest Control

The sunny summer days are prime time for outdoor activity. This bright season encourages grilling, gardening, swimming, and, unfortunately, a lot of backyard pests. Mosquitos, ants, ticks, and stinging insects are just some of the uniquely troublesome creatures you can easily avoid with the proper approach. Here are three effective ways to protect your backyard from unwanted pests.

Remove Standing Water

Standing water is ideal for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and will quickly draw them in if left alone. Identify areas around the yard that don’t drain well and collect water after a heavy downpour. Make sure to routinely empty flower pots, water cans, and buckets. Pick up any random clutter that may collect small amounts of water. Go a step further and check your gutters for any blockages that can allow water to collect. Mosquitoes don’t require much for their eggs, so it’s best to be as thorough as possible.

Mow and Maintain Your Yard

The cosmetic benefits of mowing your yard should be enough to inspire you to make it part of a routine. However, it has a dual function of being one of the many ways to remove pests, as well. Ticks and fleas use tall grass for cover as they wait for passing people or pets. By keeping a trimmed lawn, these pests are left exposed and likely to vacate the area, saving you from major health concerns.

Good landscaping is equally essential in reducing pest problems. Overgrown bushes, vines, and trees can create a similar haven for a multitude of vermin but also act as a bridge to your house. Cockroaches and other bugs can soon make their way into your home if vegetation isn’t trimmed back sufficiently.

Add Bug-Repelling Features

Adding a few components to your lawn can help repel targeted pests and add to the aesthetic. Tiki torches are an attractive addition that can ward off mosquitoes and other nuisances. Certain herbs and decorative flowers offer an array of colors that keep several common pests away. You can further cull down any unwanted visitors by inviting in birds and bats — they can eat thousands of insects every day. A few well-placed bat houses, birdhouses, and birdbaths can bring some more desirable life to the backyard.

You invest a lot in your home, and you deserve to enjoy it fully without the irritation of pests. Our trained team of professionals is committed to effective pest elimination and prevention, service excellence, and your satisfaction. If you feel it’s time to address your pest-related needs, please contact Abarb today.

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