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Three Major Signs of a Termite Infestation

Optimal pest control requires a complete understanding of the behavior of the target pest. In the case of termites, they leave obvious signs that can help you to detect and eliminate them from your property. There are several particular signs that can stand out, and these are the most important ones if you live in an area where there is a known termite population. However, you should also understand that there are different types of termites, and they may leave different signs of their presence behind.

According to the National Pest Control Association, or NPCA, the signs of a termite infestation are as follows:

  1. Tubes are a peculiar formation that indicates a very particular type of damage that only comes from a termite infestation. These areas appear as holes that have been sealed with a mixture of saliva, feces and soil. Termites will burrow into the soft areas where the wood has been compromised by moisture until they break through the top layer of wood. They cover up these open areas with the mixture mentioned previously, and the result is called a tube. Termites are the only indoor pest that will tunnel into the wood in this manner.
  2. Damage to the wood of the home may indicate the presence of a termite infestation, but these pests will also shed their wings and leave corpses behind. During the early stages, you might see these termite corpses or other signs that a termite infestation is already happening. This also includes trails of feces, tubes and damaged wood.
  3. Swarming is a common sign that indicates that a termite infestation has reached a mature stage. Once the termite eggs hatch, the larvae will grow at a rapid pace, and the colony will begin to swarm sometime in the months between March and June; however, some swarming may also occur during the autumn months between September and October if the area has four seasons. The swarming behavior takes place for mating purposes, so it is important to eliminate the pest infestation before this happens if it is possible to do so. Swarming will only happen after the colony is large enough, so this sign does not bode well for the amateur. Professional services may become imperative at this late stage of the termite infestation.
Abarb Pest Solutions

We proudly serve Bergen County and many other New Jersey areas. Abarb Pest Solutions can help you to quickly identify the particular type of termite and take appropriate action. Understanding the signs of a termite infestation is just the first step in eliminating them from your property. If the infestation grows to the mature stage, you may also see swarming. This indicates an advanced stage of the termite infestation, and it might require professional intervention, so contact Abarb Pest Solutions for help!

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