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The Worst Bedbug Cities in the Country

November 12, 2015 Pest Control

Bedbugs are a wide-spread problem throughout the nation, one that seemingly attacks every major city. In fact, bedbugs thrive in big cities: it’s easier for them to spread from bed to bed if there are more people on which they can hitch a ride. The following cities are some of the worst when it comes to bedbug infestation. Hopefully, you don’t live in one.

New York City

You had to figure the Big Apple would be on this list. And then some: bedbugs have moved beyond the areas most people would consider typical bedbug zones (cheap motels and dirty areas) to places as fancy as the Empire State Building and Victoria’s Secret. This just proves the point that bedbugs will nest wherever they want.


The birthplace of our nation is also home to one of the most active and disgusting bedbug populations in the country. Millions of them have been spotted in homes across the city: in fact, they’ve even severely negatively impacted the real estate market in the area.


How strange to see a relatively small metropolis on a list like this! Few people would consider Cincinnati to be a haven for bedbugs, but they have been spotted in areas as strange as the city’s library. In fact, three other cities in Ohio are fairly infested with bedbugs, though only Cincinnati deserves a spot at the top.

If you live in one of these cities and are afraid of bedbugs infesting your home, call a professional pest control expert immediately.

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