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The Best Mosquito Control Experts in Northern New Jersey

The Best Mosquito Control Experts in Northern New Jersey

When it comes to summertime, enjoying the outdoors relies on a few key elements. When things heat up outside, you want some sort of water to keep the kids happily playing, a breeze if you are lucky, a cool drink in your hand, and the absence of mosquitoes. If these little blood suckers are allowed to roam free, they will multiply at an astronomical rate and leave you and your family itching and miserable. But more risks can come with those itchy welts that make finding professional pest control experts absolutely crucial.

Harmful effects

When mosquitoes feast on your blood, they use their saliva to numb your skin before biting so you will be less aware that you are being bitten. It is this salvia, which can result in an allergic reaction with your skin, that causes the itchy welts.  The salvia can also contain a number of diseases, bacteria, and even parasites that can disrupt your life and cause you to become ill. For the most part,  mosquito borne illnesses in the US include:

  • Zika
  • West Nile virus
  • Dengue fever
  • Malaria, although most US cases today stem from travel overseas

But mosquito bites can also cause you, or especially your little ones, to scratch, causing the skin to be damaged and leaving it open for possible infection. If you have a mosquito problem around your home, don’t take the risk of getting a mosquito borne disease or even an infected bite from scratching. Call a professional to treat your yard for mosquitoes and keep them away. Treatments from a professional pest control company can include:

  • Fogging your yard
  • Spraying a barrier spray that actually bonds to plants
  • Treating water features to stop mosquitoes from breeding

Life cycle of a mosquito

A mosquito lives for less than 60 days, usually, if not swatted or eaten by another animal. In their lifetime, a mosquito hatches from an egg in still, standing water, entering the larval stage, develops into a pupa, and finally emerges as an adult ready to start the whole cycle over again. The breeding process involves male and female mosquitoes mating, followed by the female filling up on a blood meal and then looking for a place to lay around 100 eggs. Counting mosquito bites that you may collect after an evening outside and multiplying it by 100 is a scary realization of how many mosquitoes are soon to hatch in your yard.

For residents of Northern New Jersey, don’t take the risks of getting a mosquito borne illness or abandon pleasant outdoor evenings and activities to avoid mosquitoes. Call the friendly professionals at Abarb Pest Services today to have your yard and home treated to keep these pesky mosquitoes from buzzing around your family.

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