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Removing the Threat of Ticks from Your Yard

Your yard is your haven and gathering space during these warm, sunny months. You do not want to live in fear of ticks while enjoying your property. Remove the threat of ticks by following these practical steps:

Watch out for Water

Ticks need water to survive. They love moisture and shadowy, damp places where they can hide and multiply. Look for ways to eliminate moisture on your property. Trim back shaded areas. Dry out woodpiles. Avoid over-watering your garden, flowers, or grass. Ticks will leave if the area is dry and uninviting.

Tidy up Your Lawn

Avoid creating a habitat that is welcoming to ticks. Keep your lawn well-manicured. Cut back brush and mow your grass routinely on a low setting. Rake and remove leaves and clippings. Landscape several areas with stone or treated mulch to cut down the risk for a tick invasion.

Build an Effective Barrier

Look for every way to keep ticks out. Consider a solid fence around your yard that blocks unwanted guests such as stray dogs, rodents, and raccoons. Ticks are tiny hitchhikers, so eliminate any of these unsuspecting hosts.

Also, if your property borders on a wooded area or a line of tall grass and bushes create a three to a five-foot barrier of wood chips or gravel around the perimeter. This procedure will reduce the chance of ticks migrating to your yard on their own accord. Building a barrier of any type reduces the entry points for a tick invasion.

Repel Using the Right Materials

It is tempting to spray pesticides to get rid of ticks. Select the right products for the job that will not damage the environment or harm pets or children. Products with diethyltoluamide (DEET) are effective but must be used properly and in small amounts. Materials containing permethrin also combat the problem if administered correctly.

Consider natural repellents such as citrus-based formulas or those developed from essential oils. Finally, try growing plants that ticks like to avoid, including lavender, sage, chrysanthemums, and eucalyptus. These plants beautify your yard while letting ticks know that they are not welcome.

Examine Your Family and Pets

Make a routine of examining family and pets for ticks. For people, do a quick check when entering from the yard, paying close attention to hairlines, ears, waistline, and around creases of the skin. For pets, develop a ritual of brushing and looking for ticks at the same time. This habit will be calming for the pet and productive for you.

Reclaim your yard for your own enjoyment. Call on our professional team at Abarb Pest Services. We will partner with you for the safe elimination of ticks from your property. Contact us today.

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