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Preventing a Termite Infestation

December 04, 2020 Pest Control

Anyone living in New Jersey who has ever faced a termite infestation knows that it is a problem that needs to be tackled head-on. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage every year in the US. Subterranean termites are the most popular kind of wood-chewing pest in New Jersey, living in and around residential areas such as homes, city areas and businesses. Here are a few tips from the experts at Abarb Pest Services on how to protect your home or business from a termite infestation.

Get The Wood Out

One of the most important steps you can take to prevent termites is to keep wood away from the outside of your home. To accomplish this goal, you need to think about the most common culprit, firewood. Keep objects like wooden-handled tools and old wooden furniture as far away from the house as you can. If your home has a wood base that contacts the ground, removing soil from the area will also help, as termites will attack pressure-treated wood on the bottom of a home if given the chance.

Repair Leaking Pipes

Like most species, termites are attracted to water. If you have leaky pipes near your home, termites will come. They need water to survive and the moisture makes it easier for them to access the wood. Removing leaks from your home not only prevents termites but other common pests that may try to enter your home.

Use Mulch Sparingly

As you know, termites are attracted to wood. Spreading small pieces of around your home is an open invitation for a termite infestation. Although mulch does make flower beds pop, it should be used sparingly. Don’t layer the mulch directly against your homes structure. If you have mulch beds at your home it is best to routinely check for termites so you can call a termite exterminator before it’s too late.

Call a Professional

The best way to prevent a termite infestation is to call a professional exterminator. A professional will inspect your home properly and identify problem areas where termites may enter your home. A termite infestation can cause serious damage to your home, if you are suspect of a termite infestation in your home than contact termite control right away. 

Termites, like any other pest, can sometimes get out of control. That’s where our expertise comes in. When you contact Abarb Pest Services we will be able to answer your questions and help you come up with a pest control program that is proven. With over 35 years of experience serving New Jersey, we have the knowledge and skills to make sure your home or business stays free of termites for a long time to come.

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