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Preparing Your Home for Rodent Season

If you’ve seen mice or rats in your home, it’s time to prepare for rodent control. Rodents invade homes in the fall when the weather turns cooler. They search for hiding spots and come out at night to hunt for food in your kitchen. Keeping a few mice from turning into an infestation takes immediate pest control. However, you’ll need to prepare your home before taking action.

3 Tips to Prepare for Rodent Control
Store Opened Food Items

Storing opened food items in sealed containers not only keeps rodents out of your pantry but also helps pest control professionals treat food areas without affecting your health. Chips, breads and other items in plastic bags are rodent bait; they can easily chew through the packaging and consume the food inside. Seal them in hard plastic containers with tight lids for added protection.

Get Rid of the Clutter

It’s hard to get rid of rodents when they’re hiding inside clutter. You’ll need to eliminate the clutter in your home for two reasons. First, it will take away their hiding spots. Second, it helps pest control professionals successfully treat an infestation. If you continue to have clutter indoors and outdoors, you’ll continue to have rodents infest your property.

Fill and Repair Any Cracks and Crevices

Rodents get inside your home through cracks and crevices around vents, windows and pipes. Many of these entryways go unnoticed for years. It’s important to inspect both the interior and the exterior of your home for gaps, cracks and crevices that rodents could use to sneak inside. If you find openings, use foam or silicone sealant to plug them up. Leaving the entrances unplugged will only cause more rodent infestations in the future.

Professional Pest Control for Rodent Season

Rodents carry diseases and cause property damage. It’s important to act quickly once you see a rodent because it could multiply into dozens in a short time. Contact Abarb Pest Services to get a free quote on our pest control inspections. We’ll inspect your home for rats, mice and other rodents and eliminate any and all infestations. We’ll also create a personalized pest management program to prevent infestations in the future.

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