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Prepare your yard for your July 4th BBQ

Patriotic residents throughout New York and New Jersey are gearing up for their yearly Independence Day celebrations, and that usually includes the gathering of friends and family for a full day of fun. If you’re like most Americans, then you’re probably looking forward to a backyard barbecue, a little pool time and an evening that ends with beautiful fireworks. Unfortunately, your wonderful celebration could be ruined by a couple of pesky and potentially dangerous insects because both the warm summer temperatures and the common summer thunderstorms in these states are a natural draw for ticks and mosquitoes.

About Ticks

Ticks are usually black or brown in color, have eight legs and are no bigger than a sunflower seed. You may think that ticks are only a problem for your furry pet, but the warm weather may encourage them to come check out your lawn. When that happens, the humans at your backyard barbecue could easily become a meal for these nasty bloodsuckers, and that can be dangerous.

Though rare, the Powassan virus is a special concern in this area because it is carried by both the woodchuck tick and the deer tick, and this virus often proves fatal. The deer tick also carries Lyme disease, which affects every person differently. Many people only experience a very mild reaction, and others are stricken with long-term crippling pain in their muscles and joints.

About Mosquitoes

These tiny insects sport a single pair of wings, thin legs, and a very large proboscis. Chances are good that you’ll hear them before you see them because they tend to annoy humans with their loud buzzing. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in any standing water that is left by the summer storms, and you may see hundreds hatching during your outdoor celebration.

A single mosquito bite can be extremely detrimental to pregnant women because it can transmit the Zika virus, which causes extreme birth defects in unborn children. Other mosquito-transmitted diseases include the West Nile virus and encephalitis. Your canine companions are also at risk from mosquito bites because dogs may become infected with heartworm when bitten by a carrier mosquito.

Local Help is Available

Here at Abarb Pest Services, our professionally trained technicians are available to apply a top-of-the-line insecticide to your lawn that is capable of reducing mosquito populations by as much as 75 percent. Each treatment remains effective for a full six weeks, and we can prepare your lawn ahead of time so that you can enjoy your holiday celebration in peace. As an added bonus, this insecticide also kills ticks. Give us a call at 973-552-4187 , and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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