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Want to learn more about how to protect your home from pests? Check out our blog for industry news and tips in your area about local New Jersey pest control issues.

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Selecting Pest Control Services in Passaic County

The last thing you want waltzing around your Passaic County home is an unwelcome guest with six legs, beady little eyes, and a whole lot of friends. Pests can make your home environment stressful as you try to find solutions to get bugs like cockroaches, ants, even bed bugs out of your home. If you […]

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Tips To Keep Fleas Away From Your Pets!

At Abarb Pest Services, we know that our pests aren’t just animals or another mouth to feed. They’re a part of the family, and as such, they deserve to feel healthy and safe, just like us. Unfortunately, fleas don’t share that opinion and seem determined to agitate them.  Even worse, it can seem impossible to keep […]

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Pests Pose a Huge Health Risk to Your Loved Ones! Find Out How.

Have you ever suffered from health issues, but you couldn’t figure out why? Maybe you have asthma, constant allergies or an infection that won’t go away. Believe it or not, pests could be behind your ongoing health issues. Today, we’re going to talk about different common pests and how they can affect the health of […]

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How Do You Prepare for a Pest Control Appointment?

Pest control services get rid of unwanted critters in your home– there’s no doubt about that.  But first, you have to make sure you properly prepare yourself for your pest control services. If you didn’t realize you have to do a bit of prep work before your pest control technician works their magic, you are not […]

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When Do Pests Start to Become Active Again?

During the colder months, most pests become dormant or go into hibernation. This is common for bugs and rodents, as they cannot remain active in frigid temperatures. These pests become active again during the spring and summer when the weather becomes warmer and food sources become fertile again. No matter where you live, you are […]

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