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Mosquito Control in Passaic County

Mosquito Control in Passaic County

Sneaking out of the house in the early morning in the summer to sip coffee on the patio sounds like a relaxing, enjoyable way to start the day. But just as you get settled with your coffee and maybe a book, mosquitoes begin to silently swarm your legs and arms. When one mosquito gets a little too close to your ear, you are soon alerted that mosquitoes are ready to feast so they can turn around and lay hundreds of eggs that will be feasting on your later in the month. Stopping mosquitoes before they start hatching by the thousands is the best way to control mosquito populations in the beginning of the summer. Calling a professional to eliminate breeding spots and killing adult mosquitoes will keep mosquitoes away for good so you can enjoy your early morning coffee sipping once again.


To keep mosquitoes at bay, it is important to know how to discourage them from buzzing around your home in the first place. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in shallow, undisturbed water. Inspecting your property of any places that may allow water to stand and promptly turning over any buckets or flower pots that tend to fill up when it rains can help keep your yard from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Planting mosquito repelling plants around your house and patio can also deter these blood suckers from taking over your favorite spots in your yard.

Turning on an outdoor overhead fan or keeping a movable fan blowing while you are on the porch or patio to create a breeze. Mosquitoes can’t fly well in the wind and a fan will at least keep these little flyers away from you when you are outside your Passaic County home.


Over the counter foggers and repellants can be purchased for your yard or personal use. Some people do not like the idea of spraying their bodies and clothes with repellants for fear of harmful effects.

By calling a professional pest control company in Passaic County, NJ, your home and yard will be evaluated and inspected to give your property a personalized treatment to not only eradicate mosquitoes from around your pool, playground, or porch, but to keep them from coming back.


No one likes the itchy, red spots caused by mosquitoes biting and sucking your blood.  But for some people the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes can be much more severe. Risks associated with mosquito bites can be:

  • Bright, red, swollen welts that can resemble hives, especially on the face
  • Some mosquitoes carry diseases that they have picked up from other sources
  • Bites can become infected when scratched with impetigo and other types of bacterial infections

Mosquitoes are not the kind of pest you want buzzing around your Passaic County  home or your family.

Give Abarb Pest Services a call today to get your home and yard treated for mosquitoes.

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