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It’s Almost Spring – Let’s Get Things Clean

According to the famous Groundhog Phil, Spring will be arriving early this year, since he didn’t see his shadow on February 2nd. For many, that means there won’t be six more weeks of winter stuck inside our warm and cozy homes. It’s time to get up, get going, and get things clean as you prepare for the quickly approaching Spring season. What better way to get started than a free estimate for pest control services.

Abarb Pest Services is a family-owned and operated New Jersey company that has been in business for over 37 years and is proud to share their top 10 spring cleaning tips to better prepare you and your loved ones for this year’s Spring sun and fun!

Why Is Spring Cleaning Is Important

When you think of spring cleaning, like many of us, you likely think of dusting, mopping, putting away winter clothes and replacing them with warm weather attire. It’s time to open up those windows to let fresh air run throughout your fresh, clean house. But before you pick-up that dust brush and broom, start with a seasonal pest treatment instead. Although this number varies greatly based on where and how you live, at any given time there are billions and billions of bacteria living inside your home. Although all are not harmful, those that are can quickly become a breeding ground for pests.

Spring Cleaning Hacks

Start simple and small. The kitchen is the number one place where bugs and bacteria can thrive. Kick-off your spring clean with fresh sponges and brushes, deep clean and purge stale items in your refrigerator, and don’t forget the freezer, got to make room to stock up on summer eats. Cleaning all cooking utensils and cutting boards will help to clear any bacteria and prevent ants and other household pests from multiplying.

Consistency Is The Key To Clean

Keeping a tidy and clean house is important no matter what season it is. Just like anything else, consistency is key. Pest control should be treated no differently. Abarb Pest Services will be right there, every step of the way. From preventative to issue identification and response resolution, pests will no longer be a problem after your treatment. That’s the Abarb Advantage.

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