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Identifying Spiders in New Jersey

Spiders are creepy pests that every homeowner dreads to find indoors. The reality is that spiders are almost certain to be found in any home, so an occasional spider sighting should be regarded as normal. However, an unusually high amount of spiders in a home can represent a serious nuisance that will need to be addressed. Moreover, some spiders have venomous bites that can potentially cause injury or even death. Homeowners in New Jersey should, therefore, take the time to understand what can be done to address their spider problems.

Types of Spiders in New Jersey

There are thousands of spider species that can be found in New Jersey, but a handful of these spider species are most likely to be found in homes. Pholcidae, which are often referred to as cellar spiders, are often found in basements or behind furniture. Cellar spiders have fangs that are too short to bite a human, so homeowners do not need to worry if these spiders are found indoors. The yellow sac spider can be recognized by its opaque yellow color. Although the yellow sac spider can bite, its venom causes no more than local inflammation. Woodlouse spiders, grass spiders, and bold jumpers are also commonly found in modern New Jersey homes.

Spiders to Avoid

The most dangerous spiders that homeowners should look out for are the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. Black widow spiders have one of the most poisonous bites in the world. Homeowners can recognize black widow spiders by their solid black color and distinctively red underbelly. Another type of spider that can cause harm to humans is the brown recluse spider. The brown recluse spider can be recognized by its tan color and reclusive behavior. Brown recluse spiders have been known to leap from their webs at a perceived attacker when they are provoked, so homeowners should exercise care when confronted with one of these insects.

Where Spiders Are Found

Spiders can be found anywhere in a home, but they are most commonly found under furniture, in basements, and in corners. Some spiders form webs on window sills because of their mistaken belief that insects will fly through these spaces. Of course, spiders are most likely to be found outside on patios and decks. Homeowners with small children should keep an eye out for poisonous spiders that are near areas where children play since small children are more sensitive to venomous bites.

Abarb Pest Services

Abarb Pest Services possesses the skills and experience necessary to tackle any spider problem. Whether managing excessive spider populations or taking care of a dangerous spider situation, Abarb Pest Services can offer an effective solution. Contact Abarb Pest Services to start solving your spider problems today.

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