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How Winter Weather Affects Pests Like Roaches (and What it Means for You)

December 03, 2018 Pest Control

Colder temperatures are here, and while those cool breezes bring welcome relief from summer’s heat, these temps can force pests into your home. As the weather cools down, cockroaches will definitely want to come in to find warmth and food.

The first line of defense is to do some outdoor sprucing up before temperatures get too cold and snow begins to fall. There are many things you can do outdoors to keep roaches from nesting near your home and coming indoors during the cold winter months. Be sure to rake leaves up around your house.

Don’t use excessive mulch or pine straw as roaches love to breed in these materials. Rather than storing wood piles near your home, stack them further away, and be sure to trim back any tree limbs that are hanging over your roof or touching your house. Larger American cockroaches can actually fly, and they’ll do so from any tree branches close to your house. The same is true for bushes, so trim those back from your home as well. Finally, remove any debris or stored items from around your home, such as overturned buckets or old planter pots that can trap moisture and make an ideal breeding ground for roaches.

Keep An Eye Out in Your Home

Next, turn your attention indoors. Fix any leaks or other water problems you may have in your home by fixing leaky pipes, clogged gutters, basement leaks or any water standing next to your foundation or in your basement. Roaches need water to survive and breed, so keep your home dry.

Make sure you’re not creating any easy ways for roaches to get into your home during the cold winter months. Fix any broken windows and seal all holes and cracks that roaches could use to gain access to the home, such as cracks in the foundation, entryways into the basement or under doors and around windowsills.

In particular, keep your kitchen tidy. Don’t leave food out on counters or sugary beverages in glasses. Clean up hidden crumbs in couch cushions and on counters as soon as you can, and otherwise store leftover foods in airtight containers. Vacuum and sweep floors often where food and crumbs may have fallen. Wipe countertops and appliances to ensure clean surfaces.

Abarb Pest Services

Last but certainly not least, hire a professional pest control service to get rid of your roach problem once and for all, before roaches create a permanent stronghold in your home. Abarb Pest Control Services of New Jersey is here to meet all your professional pest control needs. Contact us today and we will do an assessment and provide a thorough treatment inside and out to discourage cockroaches from becoming unwanted winter guests.

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