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How To Fool Roaches Into A Trap

Nearly every person has seen a cockroach scurry across a kitchen or bathroom. These pests are more than unsightly. They also pose health risks. Cockroaches feed off of bacteria-ridden foods and waste, which means that they spread bacteria on surfaces. One of the best ways to eliminate them is with bait.

What Is Roach Baiting?

Roach baiting is a process of feeding a toxic cocktail to cockroaches. The bait includes attractive substances that they eat. Since they also feed off of the feces of other roaches and even the bodies of dead roaches, the toxic bait will kill the cannibalistic roaches. In turn, they inadvertently poison other roaches in their colonies when they die. This perpetual cycle is very effective at eliminating the problem.

Why Roach Bait Is More Effective Than Traditional Traps

You have probably seen what is commonly called a roach hotel. It is a box-like trap with a sticky substance on the inside. The substance has toxins and is effective at attracting and trapping a roach. However, these traps usually only catch a few roaches. Sticky traps should always be accompanied by a more effective method such as baiting if you really want to use them. For the safety of children, pets or guests, only use sticky traps provided by a professional pest control company.

How To Bait Roaches

Although there are DIY methods online for baiting roaches, these should be avoided. Many DIY recipes for roach poison are also toxic to humans or pets. At Abarb Pest Services, we use bait that is not as harmful as older poisons or other chemical cocktails. However, our bait is toxic to roaches. Since living roaches feeding off of dead roaches cannot detect that what they are consuming is toxic, baiting is a quick solution for removing an infestation.

If you see a roach or two in any area of your home, this is a sign that more are nearby. Keep in mind that roaches are good at hiding and slipping under baseboards and into crevices. Many people mistakenly assume that there are only a few roaches, and they have a massive infestation by the time they call a pest control professional. If you notice a roach, we will provide an inspection and a free quote for removal services. Also, we offer preventative treatment plans to keep roaches away from you and your family in the future. We serve the greater counties of New Jersey and New York.

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