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How Mice Find their Way Through the Tiniest Holes

November 01, 2017 Pest Control

Mouse-proofing a home can be a big challenge. Mice are small and opportunistic, and they can find their way into the home through even the smallest opening. Once inside, they can easily squeeze into tight spaces and remain unseen by the homeowner until certain tell-tale signs appear, such as mouse droppings and shredded paper.

If you suspect that you have a mouse problem, your first step should be to identify where the mice are entering the home from. Once you’ve sealed off their entryway into your home, it should be easier to exterminate the unwanted furry intruders and prevent their friends and cousins from invading your home. 

Why Do Mice Enter Homes?

Mice and other rodents are attracted to our homes because they offer everything a mouse might need for a happy life: warmth, shelter and food. Mice might chew their way into food stored in your pantry or cabinets. They may also chew up paperwork, fabric, upholstery and other things in order to steal bedding for their nests. Because mice reproduce very quickly, two mice in a home can rapidly multiply into an infestation! This is why it’s important to protect your home against rodent invasion as thoroughly as possible. 

How Can Mice Fit Through Such Small Holes?

Mice are quite small, usually measuring between 1 and 3 inches in length. Despite their size, they are adept climbers, allowing them to reach high places. They also have powerful teeth and jaws that enable them to gnaw through most surfaces, including wood. This means that they can widen existing holes and reach holes and gaps that are far off the ground. 

Mice can also squeeze into incredibly tight spaces due to the way their ribs are made. Mice and rats have somewhat collapsible rib cages. Their ribs have a greater capacity to flex than most other mammals, enabling them to flatten themselves temporarily to squeeze through narrow cracks. If a mouse can fit its head through a space, the rest of its body can squeeze through as well. 

If you’re having a difficult time finding the hole that the mice are using to enter your home or need assistance in exterminating the pests already living in your house, it’s never too early to call a professional. The pest control team at Abarb Pest Service can help find the rodent’s entry point and help you with pest prevention and management so you can evict your unwanted furry roommates for good.

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