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Five Signs of Stink Bugs in Your Home

Autumn is right around the corner, and New Jersey residents know that’s when hordes of stink bugs invade area homes in search of a warm place to spend the winter. Of course, nobody wants any type of bug to move into their residence, but stink bugs are some of the worst insects because they tend to take over every area of the home. Here at Abarb Pest Services, we’ve been called out to several area homes over the years to eliminate large infestations of stink bugs. These are just a few signs that stink bugs have invaded your home.

1. Sightings of Live Stink Bugs

Obviously, you’re going to recognize that stink bugs are in your home when you see them crawling around, and these bugs aren’t afraid to climb right over you while you sit on the sofa. They’re often seen on lamps and curtains and in silverware drawers, and they’ll congregate on any fruits or vegetables that are left out in hanging baskets or on kitchen counters.

2. Bug Trails

Stink bugs tend to leave a trail of excrement behind wherever they crawl. This nasty substance may be found in long dark trails all over your windows, the walls and across your kitchen counter tops. 

3. A Horrible Smell

These insects are called stink bugs for a reason, and they produce a horrible odor whenever they feel threatened. Those with house pets often smell that odor on a regular basis whenever their dog or cat corners a stink bug, and they’ll also release their odor if you step on one or startle it with your presence.

4. Damage to House Plants

Stink bugs that live outside have been known to destroy entire crops, and they especially love any fruit trees or vegetable plants. When these insects come into your home for the winter, they usually enjoy munching on any houseplants that you may be growing.

5. Presence of Dead Stink Bugs

If you start finding the deceased bodies of stink bugs, then you’ll know that they’ve started finding their way inside of your home. A few dead bugs indicate that more live ones are in the process of moving in.

Help is Available

New Jersey residents who have questions or concerns about stink bugs or any other pest-control issue may feel free to contact us here at Abarb Pest Services at 973-552-4187 .a

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