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Fall Weather: What Pests To Expect in Your Home

September 02, 2019 Pest Control

As the fall leaves turn and the weather begins to chill, you are not the only ones to think being cozy in your home is a good idea. Pests also want to take advantage of the warm spaces your home offers. Here are a couple ones you should watch out for this fall.

Bed Bugs

These small, flat insects are a big problem for homeowners during the fall since they are still quite active. Bed bugs feed off the blood of humans, biting you in your sleep. These pests are “…becoming increasingly difficult to treat and have shown resistance to popular pesticides used today. These pests spread easily by attaching themselves to a host or “hitchhiking” home in your luggage.”

Subterranean Termites

Termites are one of the most destructive pests to keep under control. They are terrible because they can live for decades. According to National Geographics, the queen termite can lay tens of thousands of eggs a day. Abarb Pest Services states that “Until now, termite control programs have relied on a barrier control – creating a barrier around your home to keep out termites, only destroying those termites already in your home.” Abarb has developed a termite controlling method specifically designed to get rid of where termites live: underground.


Just like most pests, ants like places near water with adequate food and shelter. Ants like to stay out of sight, keeping to cabinets, interior walls of your home and flooring. The best way to prevent ants from getting into your home is to make sure you do not have crumbs on your countertops and are careful about any pet food. If you clean crumbs and pet food, the ants will have nothing to eat.


Mice are another pest you need to be aware of this fall. Similar to the above mentioned pests, they seek refuge indoors to get away from the cooler weather and for food. Because “mice produce young year round with an average litter of six every fifty days,” you can have a serious problem on your hands in just a couple months if you have rodent issues. Not only do mice pose a problem in and of themselves, but they also carry diseases and other pests like fleas and mites.

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