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Common Insects That may Invade Your Summer Garden

There are tons of insects that can cause damage to your summer garden. If you catch them before it’s too late, you can prevent them from eating and destroying everything that is growing. Here are some of the most common insects that may invade your summer garden.

Japanese Beetles

There is a good chance you have seen Japanese beetles flying around your yard during the summer. They are common, especially in warmer climates. Unfortunately, they can do severe damage to your garden, and they will eat the leaves off of your fruit and vegetable plants. Many people use Japanese beetle traps to fix this problem because these insects can be difficult to get rid of.


Ticks are attracted to grassy areas, and they will build their homes in the brush. They are also attracted to gardens and will leave your plants very damaged. If you notice a tick problem in your yard, call an exterminator right away to take care of the problem. Ticks are difficult to get rid of without chemicals, and an exterminator will know exactly how to fix the problem.

Biting Flies

Biting flies will devour common garden plants. They love water, so if you have a pond in your yard or you live near a body of water, they will be more attracted to your yard. These flies hate citronella, so if you light some citronella candles around your yard, they will be less likely to bother with your garden. You can also use citronella spray to use around the area where you normally see the flies.


All different types of ants can invade your summer garden. Depending on where you live, you may see small brown ants or larger, black ones. Red ants are common in warm parts of the country as well. If you have an ant problem, keep a bottle of soapy water nearby and spray the perimeter of your garden. Ants hate soap, and they will be less likely to invade your garden.

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