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Common Household Pests

If you are a homeowner, then you are no stranger to pest issues. If you forget to clean up after yourself in the kitchen or leave a pile of clutter in your garage, you have no doubt experienced an encounter with an unwanted visitor. Here are some common household pests that Abarb can prevent from entering your home.


These pests are commonly found in basements and attics, eating away at the wooden beams in your home. You may discover that they have been tunneling through your home for years after the damage has been done. Keep an eye out for damaged wooden structures in your home, as well as discarded wings outside of your home where they may have entered. You may also notice mud tubes. Be on the lookout now before they cost you thousands of dollars in damages.


Rodents are commonly found in the home, as they are looking for a food source, as well as a warm and dry environment. Mice and rats love to squeeze their way into your home through any gaps that they can find and will chew through almost anything to get inside. Not only are they a nuisance, as they can cause damage to the home, but they are also unsanitary creatures. The best way to detract these pests from your home is to keep your home clean and repair any holes or gaps.


It is not uncommon to find ants scurrying across your floors, countertops or in your cupboards. If they smell food, they will be attracted to it. So, it is important to keep your kitchen free of crumbs and spills. Keep all food, including pet food, stored in airtight containers and off counter tops.


If found on your property or in your home, bees can be frightening to deal with. They may make nests on your property, such as in a hole in the ground or in a tree. But they may also make a nest inside of your home and can be found within the walls, in your attic or in your basement. If you encounter a nest, do not try to take care of it on your own. They can be dangerous and deadly, especially to those who are allergic to a bee’s venom. Instead, contact pest control professionals to handle the situation.

Seek Professional Help

Pest infestations can be a lot more serious than you think. If you are experiencing a pest infestation, you do not need to deal with it on your own. At Abarb Pest Services, we are here to help. If you would like to schedule a free consultation or learn more about common pests contact us today!

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