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Book Bed Bug Control Services Before Halloween and the In-Laws Arrive

As the holidays close in, we’re all making our lists and checking them more than once. There is a lot to accomplish before family and friends arrive for get-togethers. We’ve got to clean the house, put up the decorations and roll out the welcome mat. In addition, we can’t forget about bed bug control. It’s just as important now as it was during the summer months.

Bed bugs are easily transferable from one home to another and they reproduce quickly. So relatives that show up on Halloween weekend with bed bugs in tow could inadvertently have our homes infested in as little as two weeks. Just imagine how well that would go over with the in-laws when they arrive for Thanksgiving or Christmas and wake up with bites all over their bodies!

Scheduling bed bug control services sometime from September until after New Year’s Day will help prevent that potentially ugly scenario from happening. However, it is good to have the pest control professionals provide treatment at least a few days before or after company arrives. The extra days are typically needed to allow carpeting, mattresses, upholstered furniture and drapes to be freshened up properly. After all, who wants to walk on wet carpets with their stocking feet or holiday shoes?

Also, remember that a bed bug’s life cycle generally lasts about two to three months. So, professionals may need to make house calls more than once to make certain all of the eggs and females are dead. The latter is exceptional vital considering that each one is capable of producing a large number of offspring in any given, 24-hour period. As such, leaving even one female bed bug left alive could have serious consequences. To learn more and book professional bed bug control services before the end of the year, please contact us today.

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