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Bedbugs Take Over Retirement Community

Bedbugs are a squirming, biting menace that loves to make their nests in as many homes as possible. Their abilities to hide and breed at will make them hard to eliminate, which is probably why an entire retirement community in Oklahoma City was infested with these pests.

The residents in this retirement community quickly found that bedbugs had made their way to just about every bed in the place. Bite marks on the residents bodies became common while shed skins (the most obvious signs of bedbugs) were found everywhere.

So what did the owners of the retirement community do? Nothing. The residents have expressed their disgust at the way the bedbugs have been allowed to roam free and continue to attack their helpless victims.

Perhaps the owners realize the true difficult in eliminating bedbugs: they like to hide in dark, secretive places and resist almost all types of personal and DIY control methods. A scorched Earth policy is the only way to get rid of them.

And bedbugs are no laughing manner: they will bite you and draw your blood as long as they are present in your home. That’s why you need to call a pest control specialist as soon as possible if you believe they have gained even a slight foothold in your home.

Pest control specialists will identify the problem, root it out at its source, and eliminate it as quickly as possible. Bedbugs often number in the millions in infected homes, which is why you need a specialist’s help as soon as possible.

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