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Bedbug Control: Fact or Fiction?

February 15, 2016 Pest Control

At some point, we have all fallen victim to putting faith in rumors, old wives’ tales, or hearsay. In the internet age, with Google dangling answers at our fingertips nearly as quickly as we can type questions into the search box, we feel fairly confident that we know fact from fiction. However, unless you’re getting your facts from a reputable source, you’re bound to have doubts lingering in your mind.

To be sure that you have a full understanding of bedbug control, we have scoured the best sources on the internet to divide fact or fiction for you.

Bedbug Control: Fact or Fiction?
Scenario #1: If I have bedbugs, I must be a bad housekeeper.

According to experts, while cluttered conditions can offer bedbugs more access to human hosts, infestations of common bedbugs (Cimex lectularius L.) are not directly linked to sanitation levels. So are your bedbugs the result of lazy housekeeping? Probably not.

Scenario #2: If I am not showing any physical symptoms, I probably don’t have bedbugs.

Interestingly, bedbug bites aren’t felt by everyone. So while tell-tale bite marks might be one indicator, they’re certainly not the only one. Next time you’re making your bed or changing your sheets, keep your eyes out for such signs as molted exoskeletons, rusty-colored spots, or the bedbugs themselves.

Scenario #3: I can handle bedbug removal myself.

While a quick internet search will supply you with a plethora of bedbug-removal methods, the Washington Post reports that most DIY methods are less than effective (unless you want to resort to squashing them one by one yourself).

Frankly, the best defense against bedbugs is to consult with pest control professionals. Over the years, these experts have carefully honed tried-and-true techniques to keep your homes bedbug free. The wisest choice would be to take advantage of their expertise. 

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