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5 Spots You Might Find Bugs Hiding

Pests love to hide in your stuff. There are some spots you should check regularly to make sure they’re not infesting your home. Here are five spots you might find bugs hiding.

1. Behind the Fridge.

The back of the fridge is often forgotten about. If bugs could keep a calendar, they’d know that’s where food goes to die and that’s where they’ll go, too. This is also the best place for them to build their nests (egg cases). 

Check out any old food or spilled drinks and behind or underneath appliances like microwaves and dishwashers, too.

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2. Under Beds.

Beds are great places for pests to hide because people usually don’t think to look there! Not only do bed bugs prefer mattresses, but that’s also where dust mites find shelter under the covers.

Spiders and centipedes like to hide under your bed where they’re safe from you.

3. In Your Wall.

While bugs will often try to get from one place to another via an access point, they can also go through the walls. 

Make sure there isn’t a gap under or between where appliances and furniture meet the wall since that’s a prime spot for bugs to be living if you’ve got a pest issue going on.

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4. Underfloor Trim Boards.

Bugs love dark places, so make sure all your baseboards are free of cracks and crevices that might provide shelter for pests. 

Also, look around door frames and windows for gaps caused by damage that could be inviting pests into your home.

5. Your Firewood.

If you have any wood stacked up outside, go out and give it a quick visual inspection. If there are any gaps between the pieces of wood, bugs might be living inside them. 

Also, if they’re damp at all, that’s an ideal environment for bugs to be hanging out. So, keep your firewood off the ground and stack it away from anything damp.

6. In Clutter.

All kinds of pests love clutter because it provides them with a good place to hide and makes it much harder for you to spot any problems. So go ahead and give your house a quick once-over and see what’s going on in the corners where clutter tends to accumulate.

Do you have boxes, papers or other items stacked up? You should check those so that bugs don’t have easy access to your home from those spaces.

When you’re ready to be done with those pesky pests, contact Abarb Pest Services today.

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