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5 Signs That You Need to Fumigate Your Home

November 06, 2020 Pest Control

As a homeowner, you will deal with many different things. One of the most common things that you will have to deal with sooner or later is bugs. No matter what you do, bugs will get in. At Abarb Pest Services, we offer fumigation and other pest control measures to ensure that your home is free from these pesky and destructive insects. Even if you do not see bugs in your home, chances are they are still there.

Fumigation will help rid your home of pests like termites, fleas, and the dreaded bed bug. Fortunately, there will be signs in your home that these bugs are there and taking over. When you see any of these signs, you should call us immediately to start with pest problem solutions.

1. Seeing Termites

One of the first signs of having a bug infestation is that you see a bug. Even if you see one bug, you could potentially have a more significant issue on your hands. Where there is one bug, there are more.

2. Finding Droppings

If you see bits of matter around your baseboards, in your mattresses, or your cabinets, you have a bug issue. Bed bugs will lay droppings around the edges of the mattress. Roaches will leave droppings in your cabinets and even along your countertops.

3. Damage

Insects like termites will leave a visible sign of damage in some cases. For example, if you happen to see a pile of wood shaving on your floor or along the outside of your home, chances are you have a termite problem that needs to be addressed quickly.

4. Unexplained Holes

In some cases, you will look around and start seeing unexplained holes. This is from the insects chewing through your walls, floors, ceilings, or baseboards. These holes can be just about anywhere in your home, but the most common areas are the ones that are along outer walls. If you have a garage, check this area thoroughly as it is a popular place for bugs to congregate.

5. Bubbling Paint

Check your walls in your home to see if you have any peeling or bubbling paint. When termites burrow into the wood of your home, they cause moisture to be exposed in the wood of your home. This excess moisture will build up, causing damage to your walls. This will make the paint peel or bubble.

Contact a Professional

If you have any of the above signs, please give Abarb Pest Services a call today. We can help you to address your Pest Control needs. We offer Fumigation services as well as other pest problem measures. As soon as you see the issue, it must be managed to avoid any further and more expensive damage to your home. Contact us to schedule and appointment.

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